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Hochsaison: Alpenkrimi
Jörg Maurer
The Fourth Fog
Chris Daniels
Das Gehirn Ein Unfall Der Natur: Und Warum Es Dennoch Funktioniert
David J. Linden, Monika Niehaus
Von Göttern Und Helden: Die Mythische Welt Der Kelten, Germanen Und Wikinger
Arnulf Krause

Adopted Son

Adopted Son - Dominic Peloso I received this book through goodreads First Reads.

Rating this book was really difficult for me.
Throughout the story, there were a little bit too much clichés for my taste, like the fratricide or the neighbor killing his wife. The many jumps back and forth in time made it harder to follow the story line. I also had problems identifying with the main characters, somehow they stayed flat and were mostly stereotypes.
But then, the end was really unexpected from my point of view. I have to admit that I was surprised that the author dared to extinguish the whole human race. That's what kept me thinking. Could they have done something else? Should they have saved themselves somehow? Would that have been possible somehow without being inhumane an cruel? These questions arise as well if people of a different culture start living among people of your own origin. Will their culture replace your own after some time? Is your own culture worth saving from an outward point of view and not just because you're used to it and don't like changes? Should you act against those people or is it simply a normal process you have to accept? Can come anything good from "fighting" it or will any actions be futile anyway and acceptance from the start be more sensible?
The ending saved this book. Great finish, but not so great storyline throughout the book, so 3 stars of 5 from me.